Diversity & Inclusion Games: to train behaviours and perceptions

As workplaces become more international, creating a cohesive community among people of different backgrounds is crucial to a productive and harmonious environment. ​Diversity Movement by Businessgames was launched to help shape that community. Through innovative game design, we create experiential learning activities that encourage participants to accept and appreciate different cultural behaviours and beliefs, while helping them recognize the value of a diverse team.

Our diversity & inclusion games are suitable for:

  • Communication – Learn the benefits of listening, accepting and including others and ensuring you ask the right question.
  • Cultural Respect: Understand how to be aware of your differences and how our perceptions may not always be right.
  • Decision making: Understand the benefits of inclusive decision making
  • Teamwork: Experience and learn about the power of whole team collaboration.

Our games can be adapted to suit your specific needs.  Ask us without an obligation about the possibilities!

Why Diversity Movement by Business Games?

Games are immersive, safe and designed to teach behaviours. By placing players in a simulation with designed learning points, participants experience consequences to different behaviours in a metaphorical world where they feel comfortable to make mistakes.
The global workforce today reflects a diversity of cultures.  We believe that diversity without inclusion is not enough and a genuine behaviour of true inclusion is crucial to make diversity work.  People are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in training based only one one-way traffic. We know that by means of interaction, collaboration and direct experience in an energetic simulation, we stimulate people to get the best out of themselves and others. That gives us and (the participants) energy!
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Aliens and Astronauts

Cultural Diversity / Tolerance / Asking the Question

In this card-based, role-playing activity, set in an alternative reality, participants, as teams of aliens or astronauts, can discuss diversity & inclusion in a safe, non-bias, and immersive situation.  Will the astronauts show respect and tolerance to those who are different? Learn More >>

The Difference Game

Perceptions / Tolerance / Communication

A joint collaboration between DCU’s Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion and Diversity Movement by Business Games.

4 New Civilizations all need each others’ expertise to build out their own world? Will teams work in collaboration?  Will they make assumptions? This training gives participants an opportunity to understand that things are not always as they seem.

Learn more >>

Bonding Beyond Borders

Tolerance / Cultural Diversity / Communication

Diversity Movement by Business Games is proud to be working with Bonding Beyond Borders on the game that takes players around the world to discover the stories of real people.  Bonding Beyond Borders is an analogue board-game, supported by digital content on smartphones or tablets, which tells the story of very different people. Get to know your unknowns by undertaking different challenges in this interactive game!

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