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Every company is involved in change management processes like desired cultural change, organizational change or strategic management. The ‘Change Game’ helps you making management and employees realize that change is often necessary and teaches your employees to embrace change. Strategic concepts like changing circumstances and changing the desired strategy are visualized.

Are your teams capable to handle organizational change? Do they use each other’s knowledge and do they look for opportunities? How do your teams communicate? Are they capable executing their plan and being flexible at the same time? This game is interactive, fun and creative. Participants will learn about the impact of Change Management on their department and how to cope with change.

Being firm but flexible helps to make the right choices
The Change game starts with a news emergency broadcast, an intense storm is being reported. Several countries in the Pacific Ocean are dependent on emergency help. We challenge the teams to build the perfect ship and offer emergency help as soon as possible. We plot a worldmap with coordinates on which the teams will be competing. The challenge is which ship to be the first to reach the island while having collected all help items on the way.

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