Client: Amgen

Target group: Sales Team

Objectives: To reinforce and embed the content of the training as part of their 2 day sales cycle in an interactive, collaborative, and fun way.

Description:  The participants were divided into remote teams of 3-4 athletes, with a  WhatsApp Coach assigned to each team. Throughout the game, teams had to work together to successfully complete as many different Online Olympic disciplines as possible, in order to gain the most points. All the high-energy disciplines were customised to reinforce key Amgen content that had been learnt in the areas of:

  • Customer Re-engagement
  • Growth Mindset
  • Veeva Engage
  • Brand Messaging
  • Communication Tools

Teams created a vision and enhanced it with a co-ordinated outfit and team song to reflect their team’s identity.  They then presented along with the other teams at the opening ceremony.  Participants then went into separate conference calls where they chose, in any order, one of the 14 Olympic Disciplines they wanted to attempt, such as the Digital Steeplechase, Finland Knows Best, Growth Mindset, and Invitation Perfection.  All the participants came together in a main conference call to compete in two different group feuds.  The winners were then announced at the virtual medal ceremony.

Category: Management Games

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