Client: Enterprise Ireland – Benelux

Target group: Enterprise Ireland clients looking to export to the Benelux.

Objectives: To highlight the importance of culture when doing business in the Benelux Region.

Description: Do Irish clients know about cultural differences between doing business in Ireland and Benelux?  How confident are they in their ability to bridge this gap?  How much money are they willing to gamble on their convictions?

In this game, as part of the Ambition Benelux conference, Irish clients were given a series of common cultural situations when doing business in the Benelux with 3 possible answers. After being supplied with customised in-game money, they would bet on which answer they thought would be the most appropriate, either losing their investment or winning big based on the result.  As in real life, understanding cultural nuances was the difference between failure and success when doing business in foreign markets.

Category: Skills training

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