Client: Enterprise Ireland

Target group: Enterprise Ireland employees and market advisors across the eurozone.

Objectives: Teach employees how to use a new tool, generate buy-in and create a uniform understanding of the new framework, regardless of the market.

Description: Can teams work out the best way to support their clients?  Can they invest in actions which will increase their client’s impact on their target market?

The group was divided into one of 3 teams: CEOs, Development Advisors and Market Advisor.  Firstly the Market Advisor teams from different Eurozone markets had to work together to segment a group of fictitious companies based on their current levels of impact and engagement.  They then had to create a strategy to support each client with the support of the Development Advisors, who would decided on which actions to invest resources into. The CEOs of the companies then reviewed their strategy before giving their approval.  Would the market Advisors analyse the different companies appropriately? Would the Development Advisors invest in the correct actions? Would the CEOs be happy with their choices?


Categorie: Onboarding Games

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