Client: Google

Target group: Belgium Sales Team

Objectives: To have an interactive and fast-paced team building exercise which ensured remote communication and collaboration between participants.

Description:  Players in remote teams competed in the Online Olympics across a multitude of new disciplines.  Each high-energy, fun event was designed to push players to seize the initiative and practice remote-working skills. Through communication and collaboration could teams adapt to the complexities of a virtual working environment and excel?

The participants were divided into virtual teams with a WhatsApp Coach assigned to each team. They  participated in an Opening Ceremony where they collaborated to create a team outfit and publicity poster, before then setting off to complete as many of the different Olympic Disciplines as possible, such as Desk Dressage, Perfect Press Coverage, Sing Anthems Like Freddie, Street-View Shopping and Endurance Judging. All of the disciplines were designed to be fun while reinforcing  key remote working skills such as effective communication, strategic planning, and problem solving. The day closed with a remote Closing Ceremony announcing the winning team.

Category: Team Building

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