Client: imec

Target group: New employees

Objectives: For new employees at imec to understand the ecosystem of the organisation.

Description:  Can teams work together to provide solutions to real life projects for imec? Can they apply knowledge of the ecosystem to demonstrate their understanding of the nuances of the organisation?  Can collaboration ensure they get as many impact points as possible?

In this bi-monthly onboarding game, 5 different teams of new employees were challenged to solve as many imec case study problems as possible, all based on real projects.  To solve a case, the teams had to use informative posters available to them, hidden from the other teams.  However, circumstances would change throughout the game, meaning they had to think on their feet.  The more cases that are solved, the more points were won.  Could the whole work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and securing as many impact points as possible?

Category: Onboarding Games

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