Move as ONE Game

What to expect?

Teams must complete a series of challenges and obstacles to win points in a fixed amount of time. Form a human pyramid, limbo rock, jump through a hula hoop. Too easy? Not if you’re tied to each other at the wrist.
There are no superstars in this game for every team is as strong as its weakest link. 100% participation guaranteed.


▪ Teams of 10 are tied by the wrist with 40cm ropes to form one truly cohesive unit.
▪ Teams move around the playing area together to complete different challenges in different places.
▪ Different challenges will yield different points.
▪ Given there’s a fixed amount of time and some points are awarded relative to other teams’ performances, teams will have to agree on the right stategy, and move as one!

Note: It’s possible to use a smartphone app for a digital experience throughout the gameplay!

The Move as One game as a metaphor:

By joining team members at the wrist, the Move as One game brings to life the idea that a strong and united team leads to success. As in any organization, every team member plays an integral role in driving business success, and when one member is not performing at his/her optimum, others must carry the additional weight. The Move as One game transforms and carries this concept to the playing field, where teams must motivate each other to participate, cooperate and move to the best of their abilities in other to overcome obstacles as a single unit.

From 5 to 500 employees, from work placement student to director, everyone joins in during this live game where it immediately becomes clear what it means to be a true team.

The Move as ONE Game is possible as an overall program, but is also excellent as part of your conference, kick-off or team-building program.
The Move as ONE game can be organised at any location. We are more than willing to help you find an inspiring location. It is also possible to organise The Move as ONE game in the business’ own conference room or office.
from 5 to 5000 contestants

For questions or quotation requests, fill in the contact form or call +353 87 633 8687 from Ireland, or +44 745 210 5694 from UK.



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