Racing to the top

The race to the top

This game cleverly takes aspects of the Formula One industry and combines it with addressing many business behaviours. The participants are represented in three types of teams, Racing team, Media team or Country team. From each team there are more teams, so there is a lot of competition within this game.

Team Building

For the race to be successful, you need to have all the components working together and the teams to all work together forming agreements and working out the best strategy for the game. This will put their negotiating and strategic planning skills to the test, making for a very exciting game!

‘Racing to the top’ is possible as a full day program or as a half-a-day program. Contact us for the best timing set-up.
‘Racing to the top’ can be organised at almost every location. We can help you find a suitable location. It is also possible to organise this game at your own office!
Possible from 8 to 500 contestants
Business Games provided a great opportunity for some of our global leaders to think locally, but act globally. The exercise proved to be very beneficial in team building and strategic thinking, while promoting a fun competitive atmosphere.
Troy Bloss, Armstrong International

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