The Sovereign States Game

What to expect?

Teams play lord and ruler of their own nation-states, and must build a variety of facilities like hospitals, banks and airports to keep their residents happy. Working with a limited supply of building resources, teams must strategise on priorities and negotiate with other team-states for win-win situations.


1. States first sit for their first parliamentary meeting, discussing their joint state vision and gameplan. Resources are distributed among states, where each team is rich in certain materials, but poor in others
2. Teams begin building their facilities, relying on partnerships with other to amass the right resources for building. External ‘shocks’ to the economy are littered throughout the game, forcing states to work together to find mutually agreeable solutions.
3. States join together to unite as a country. Teams reflect on their progress towards their vision.

The Sovereign States Game as a metaphor!

To be successful in this game, not only is good collaboration within the team important but also communicating clearly and negotiating successfully with the other teams. Almost all organizations consist of multiple teams and/or departments, the states in this game model, don’t just have their own targets, they also need to work towards a common goal. When teams or departments in the real business world work poorly together, this leads to friction and tasks and goals are missed. By using a team building Game as a metaphor for your own organization, your employees experience how working together is crucial if they are to be successful. And this in a fun way!

From 5 to 5000 employees, want your team to share this unique experience too? Then contact us. Customizing is also possible. Just ask us about the possibilities.

The Sovereign States is possible as an overall program, but is also excellent as part of your conference, meeting and kick-off event program.
The Sovereign States game can be organised at any location. We are more than willing to help you find an inspiring location. It is also possible to organise The Sovereign States game in the business’ own conference room or office.
from 5 to 5000 contestants

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This is to tell you on behalf of my colleagues that we found the game on 11 September really fun and informative. I’ve heard nothing but enthusiastic reactions. About the game, the support, the setting, simply everything.
Hats off!
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